Adaptator quick connect for electrical machines. Used to hold the polishing foam.
Compatible with green and yellow foams (see associated products).
M14 thread
Quick assembly.


  • Allows quick changes of buffing pads
  • Makes it easy to change between compound and polishing pads
  • Provides a reliable connection between pad and polisher
  • Use with 3M™ Quick Connect compounding and polishing pads

3M™ Perfect-It™ Quick Connect Adapter makes it easy to connect or disconnect double-sided buffing pads on rotary polishers. Our heavy-duty adapter saves both time and effort in an automotive body shop by making pad changes so quick and simple. M14 thread.

3M™ Perfect‐It™ Quick Connect Adapter allows for quicker changing of buffing pads on rotary polishers, which is particularly helpful when changing between compound and polishing pads, With the adapter's sliding ring, you can easily attach or a pad in seconds. But when the locking system is engaged, the adapter provides a reliable connection between the pad and polisher to ensure a secure and stable connection. Our adapter is solidly built to withstand the heat and speed that is produced when polishing with a rotary tool. The adapter is built from chrome plated machined brass with a stainless steel locking mechanism. To ensure professional grade results, the adapter automatically centers and balances the pad to prevent wobbling and minimize vibration.

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